Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Change in Pattern

Not sure how this will affect the blog, but Elder Chesley has decided to change his emails to once an exchange, which is every 6 weeks rather than every week. He'll still respond to every personal email, but the info we share on the blog will be more limited.

Ah, well. It's General Conference weekend. The coolest thing is that I know at the same time in another place Brandon is hearing the same message. :)

Here's a little from Elder Chesley's last email:

My transfer miracle is our investigator, George. He is an 84 retired gentleman who doesn't know he is 'progressing'. Our first lesson with him was him interrogating us, but he has come to church 3 times, attended someone else's baptism, and is in Alma. We found him through the previous missionaries. They went to see someone else, and George was living there. Now we are teaching him.

And, yes, he did laugh at me for not realizing I had videos from him to watch. Oh well. I still got to enjoy it. I'm excited to hear from him Monday, get his thoughts on Conference, and hear how he liked our box of goodies that we sent. 

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