Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Settling In

Elder Chesley arrived in CA safe and sound (as reported last week), and has spent the last few days settling in to his new home. He requested letters rather than emails, since his online time is fairly limited, and--of course--packages are welcome. :)
I call this "never go to the Provo temple when it's missionary day"

Here's his address:
Elder Brandon Chesley
1700 Camino Olmo Apt. #G
Thousand Oaks CA 91320
In case any of you were concerned that he'd lose his particular brand of humor, here's a selection from the email he sent:
Hello Hello from the Ventura California Mission, the greatest mission on earth (or so they tell me).

I admit I had a 'squee' moment when I saw his name tag. :)
I am doing fantastic. There is so much work to be done and I am exited to get to it!
The trip from the MTC to the field was incredible. I got to fly over the Tooele valley, my old home, and also the grand canyon. My flights were from SLC to PHX to Santa Barbra. California is so beautiful this time of year.

My companion, also my trainer, Elder Peart, is a wonderful companion. He has been out 6 months. I am learning so much from him. The area I am serving in is called the Los Robles area (I think).
I will now share some "scripture" from my personal journal, The Book of Chesley. This is, The water bottle miracle.

20) Behold, I did Have an experience, yea, an experience of much learning, for as we concluded our lesson with George, I expressed unto my companion my desire for water. Therefore me maketh a plan to stop by the apartment to drinketh thereof. But behold, as we did journey, my companion was overcome with the spirit, that we should return unto an investigator of much potential before returning to the apartment.
21) And it came to pass that we did stop by, and behold, we did receive an answer, but to our disappointment, the person whom answered was not whom we were seeking. But behold, the grace of God was upon us, and she did offer us water, yea, even to quench our thirst.
His District at the MTC. Lots of eager young spirits happy to serve God.


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